For 20+ years, more than half of the top 10 banks in the US and UK have trusted Bridgeforce to bridge the gap between the business and technology aspects of financial services. Bridgeforce created Data Solutions to help organizations strengthen their decision-making by reaping the insights and knowledge that only sophisticated data analysis can bring.

Data is the foundation of all consumer lending decision making.

Data analysis is the cornerstone of how lenders decide which customers to attract and lend money to, how much to charge, and how hard to work to retain that consumer. Data Solutions helps clients practively find—and address—all the problems in the data before they lead to bigger challenges and flawed decision-making. With data integrity achieved, we then help clients unlock the potential and the insights that data brings.

Trust Your Data

See and understand your data, flaws and all

With data-driven projects, more than half the time is spent on assembling the data, understanding which facets can be trusted, and identifying which data need to be adjusted or discarded. We see this happen even when organizations bring significant resources to the table.

Our Data Quality Scanner® solution (DQS) helps lenders of all sizes to efficiently identify data issues, prioritize fixes, and prevent future issues.

DQS is the industry-leading independent tool for ensuring quality of Metro 2® data and lowering related FCRA risk. Beyond DQS, we also help clients with additional data types and reconciliation between each organization’s systems.

Speed Up Your Decision Cycles

Unlock the potential in your data with actionable business insights

After we help your organization understand the data and address any existing integrity issues, our solutions enable you to quickly move decision-making forward with insight—you can quickly see and investigate trends and performance drivers in your lending portfolios.

The Data Solutions’ Tableau reporting suite was designed based upon decades of experience managing consumer portfolios. Focusing upon actionable information, this user-friendly reporting suite enables organizations improve credit risk performance, customer experience, and reduce compliance risk.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your business enhance customer experience, improve financial results, and reduce risk.